October 2012 – Asian Hair Braid

I’ve been experimenting with some Asian styled outfits and hair fashions for one of my friends who collects Himstedts.  She wanted the hair style to mimic Mithi Himstedt’s look. Mithi has has hair below her hips.  Here is a picture of my Mithi with her hair let down:

After a few years, I decided to put her hair back to its original design.  The hair was divided in half from the middle part and each side was braided in the back center down low.  Both braids were then joined together at the nape of the neck.  It was then pulled to the top of the head in back and sewn into the wig itself with strong nylon thread.  Then each braid was left free to fall on each side of the head.  Here is the back view:

You can see that it takes a long length of hair to do this specific design.  Here is a shot of the front:

The challenge was to get Mithi’s look in the front without that length of hair.  This was done by pulling all the hair to the top and then dividing it in half and braiding each side.  I did this with Tamlyn and Shilin Himstedt.  Here is Tamlyn

And here is Shilin:

My friends and customers give me such good ideas!  I also did a video to demonstrate how I did the hair.  You can click on the Video category at the top to watch it.  Thanks for stopping by to read my post.

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