Fun Happenings at IDEX

I had lots of fun at IDEX!  This was my first trip to IDEX and also to Orlando, so I didn’t know really what to expect. I arrived on Friday, 1/29/10 and took a shuttle bus to the hotel where IDEX was hosted. My friend Jeanie (also from Texas) had already arrived with several others who were sharing a condo, just down from the hotel.  I was picked up and taken to the condo to help get ready for the pizza party.  It was lots of fun and I met some new people and renewed my acquaintance with others that I have met before at an annual Texas doll party.

At the party, I met a couple of nice ladies from “across the pond” who live in England and Scotland. I have only lived in Texas (mostly), Oklahoma, and Louisiana so my ears and brain were not accustomed to processing British and Scottish accents but we managed to communicate just fine.

Later on I will make several posts about things going on that weekend and what I learned. I wanted to make sure my camera was all charged up and ready to go, so I plugged in the battery and sat the camera underneath it. Like a dummy, I left my camera there charging and didn’t realize it until I unpacked in Orlando.  Lesson learned.  I had to use my phone to take pictures so they are not very good quality.

On Saturday I met with several ladies who are members of a forum called Debbie’s Doll Town. Debbie was there and we had a nice breakfast, courtesy of several thoughtful and sweet members. Thank you so much….you all know who you are.  And a special thanks to Tina, my roommate at the hotel, whom I had met at the Texas Doll Party a few years back. It was nice to catch up with her life and what is going on.  We both like to sew for our dolls so we had lots to talk about.

At around noon, the retail room was opened and I got to look around in there. I took some pictures of Connie Lowe’s booth (Marbled Halls) and even bought a red curly wig for my BJDs to fight over. She is very talented and her creations are magnificent.  I have a few pictures here.

Then at 1 pm the collectors were allowed on the floor and I got to meet Kim Lasher.  I collect Himstedts and Lashers mostly.  I have a few reborns too but not from any one artist. I have Anna and Miley, (not BJDs) that Kim sculpted, and also Anya and Adeline. When my Anya arrived, one set of her eyelashes was skimpier than the other.  They were asymmetric and it bothered me.  I took a few pictures and emailed Kim to ask what I should do.  She immediately replied that she would send me out a set and within 2 days I had them.  Now that is customer service!!  Kim was nice enough to pose for me in front of her booth and here is her picture. She is one talented young lady.

Here are her upcoming dolls:  Simply Alice, Dark Alice, Lotus, Azaleah, and Ivy.  I have Simply Alice, Lotus and Ivy coming to me sometime this year.  I will post pictures when they arrive. Here are the pictures I took at her booth.
Simply Alice:

Dark Alice:




Well, more about the other exhibits in the next post. There is so much to talk about and too little space! Until the next installment, enjoy your hobby or passion and pass it on.

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