February 2011 – Orlando and IDEX

February – 2011 My Trip to Orlando for IDEX

Last month I was able to once again attend IDEX. This year I stayed in a condo with 4 other ladies and got to know each of them a little bit better. When I arrived on Friday, I was picked up by Jeanie’s husband Jim. (Thanks JIM!) He was busy driving around picking several people up.

Jim and Jeanie hosted a pizza party at their condo that night and I was able to meet several people for the first time and got reacquainted with others. It was fun to look at the dolls that some people brought with them.

On Saturday morning, I was invited to JAVA Time with the DDT Forum members and that was lots of fun. I received some nice gifts from some of the members.  How sweet and thoughtful!

Next we were admitted to the retail room. There I found Dawn Donofrio’s table. Here is a picture I took with Dawn standing behind her beautiful dolls.

Then I took several pictures of Connie Lowe’s booth

Here is Val Zietler working on a doll behind her table.

Here is a close up of one her dolls.

Then we were allowed on the showroom floor and I took pictures of Diane Keeler’s dolls, just inside the front door of the showroom.

Here are a few pictures of Kim Lasher’s dolls. I took a picture of Kim standing behind her Lollipops.

Then I took pictures of Rainier. I love this little girl and ordered her there on the spot. Here are a few of my pictures of her.

Here is the display of Alice in Wonderland by Robert Tonner. I love the whimsy of the Tweedledee and Tweedledum dolls. I ordered these two little guys.

Here are the 2011 Zawieruszynski dolls. My favorite one was, of course, the most expensive one. She is a porcelain named Celestyna. I think she is a beautiful work of art.

Last but not least, Hildegard Gunzel’s beautiful dolls for 2011:

I took lots of pictures, enjoyed talking dolls with others who are interested in that subject, and got lots of good ideas of things I would like to make for my dolls.  If you are a doll collector and ever have the chance to go to IDEX, you should go. I am amazed at the artistry of these doll designers.

Until next time….

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