A Lesson Learned About BJDs

While at IDEX I met a “face up” artist.  Her name is Leah Lilly.  She is a friend of Kim Lasher’s and lives up in that part of the country. I chatted with her at the Pizza Party at Jeanie’s condo during my trip to Orlando. I told her of my SD BJD that I bought. It was my first BJD and I really didn’t know that much about them but wanted to. My doll is made by “Angel of Dreams” and came with a “factory face-up”. I have learned that I will now never order a BJD and take the factory face up.

This doll, who I named Rhianna, got many negative remarks when people came into my sewing room to look at my dolls.  Her eyebrows were too severe and I didn’t like the way her nose came to a point.  I ended up just putting her in a closet.  I hadn’t thought about her much until I talked with Leah.  She told me maybe I would like her more if she had a different “face-up”.  So, when I got home I took her head off and mailed her off to Leah for a transformation.  I accidentally pulled the elastic off the “S piece” and the cord popped back into her body cavity. YIKES!!  I had to use a bent hanger to get it back through the neck hole.

Here are the before and after pictures.  Thanks Leah!!  leah [at] froggyduds [dot] com If you have a BJD that you don’t like, let Leah give you a new face.


After face up by Leah:

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