October – SAGA 2013 Convention Is Now History

This was my first time to attend the Smocking Arts Guild of America Convention.  This year it was in Frisco, Texas which is a mere 30-40 minute car ride from my house.  I started off on Wednesday with my bags packed and went to the Dallas Love Field airport around noon to pick up Barbara Meger.  We went to lunch and then journeyed up to Frisco and got checked into the Embassy Suites.


The registration desk was right around the corner and I got my packet of information along with a tote bag and identification card to be worn around my neck.  Since I was a first time attendee, I had to place a pink ribbon under my name so that everyone would know it was my first convention.  I had a meeting with other first timers and the president explained what to expect.  We met the official photographer and other board members.  Then we went to a banquet room and had dinner together.  It was nice to visit with the other ladies in my smocking guild and I really enjoyed my roommate, Janice. This was her first convention too.

Due to work, I was not able to attend the entire convention but was able to attend 3 days so only took 2 classes.  My first class was on Thursday, a 6 hour class.  It was taught by Judith Adams from around Sydney, Australia.  The class was called “Painting with Ribbons and Beads”.   Here is Judith with the finished product, taken after class was over.


I learned some new stitches and techniques and can’t wait to complete my project.  I will definitely take what I have learned and incorporate these new things into a doll dress or a dress for my granddaughter.  Here is a picture of my unfinished piece.  I cropped out the bottom of it because I’m not finished with those rows yet.  It was fun working with silk and pretty glass beads.IMG_4508

The second class was called “Pleat One, Smock Two” taught by Phyllis Brown.  The project used for this technique is a bonnet that is reversible.  The two sides (one solid, one printed) are pleated as one piece (6 rows) and then smocked on both sides traveling through to each side and hiding knots between the layers.  It is a very pretty finished product but complex to smock and construct.  I hope to have this finished before too long and take pictures of the finished product.  We ran short on class time and I didn’t get any pictures after class.   For now, this is all I have done.IMG_4510

Below is a picture of my packet with a booklet that told me where my classes were and what the agenda for each day was so I could be in the right place at the right time.  I also took a picture of my kits for both classes.  The one in the middle shows the smocked bonnet and on the end is the ribbon and beads kit.IMG_4504

On Thursday night we had dinner together and also got to see the teachers with their various projects for classes.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing their work and getting to chat with these very talented ladies. Here is a picture of Barbara Meger with many of her projects from class.062057063064

I didn’t take pictures of Judith Adams during the teacher showcase but here are a few of her things that she allowed me to photograph after class ended. I would love to take a class to learn how to make this beautiful collar.053048055056

The convention was lots of fun for me as I always enjoy learning new things and meeting new people.  I was thrilled to hear, after I left, that the dress I voted for won for best design.  It was a dress that was created by Judith Adams that featured a smocked dress with overlaid lace that was smocked with glass beads.  It was simply beautiful!  I’m sure a picture of it will be posted on the SAGA website (www.smocking.org) but I didn’t take one for myself.  I dream of making a similar dress for my granddaughter some day.  More about the convention will be posted also on www.lonestarsmockers.com.  Thank you for stopping by to read about my adventures in Frisco.

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