More Of Alice In Wonderland – A Fun Theme To Sew

July 2010 – Many of us read Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland when we were young, or had it read to us. I really barely remember it but just recently bought a book on ebay that has both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I haven’t read the latter, or if I did, I don’t remember it.

The “Alice” theme has recently become very popular with dolls and with a modern version movie by Tim Burton. The original illustrator was John Tenniel and those are the pictures I remembered as a child. For many young girls…..who doesn’t remember having a tea party and inviting your dolls, bears, or other stuffed toys?  I had 5 younger siblings growing up, so there really wasn’t much room to invite a lot of “non-living” entities to my tea parties. I never had a nice tea set, just a plastic one. Now I have 3 very nice porcelain tea sets, and my dolls enjoy them.

So, I guess I am getting to re-live my childhood, to some extent, by playing with dolls, having tea parties,  and enjoying the “Alice in Wonderland” story all over again as an adult. Regression can be very stress relieving, you should try it sometime! I know many people who did not have a happy childhood, but mine was, and I am very lucky indeed.

Using my Kim Lasher dolls, Anya, Adeline, and Simply Alice, along with my Himstedts, I have had fun designing outfits for these dolls to wear using the Alice in Wonderland theme. Here are a few of my “Alice” outfits and pictures. I hope you enjoy the trip back to “Wonderland”.

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